The Courageous State

I have waited more than thirty years for someone, somewhere to write an economics I can really believe in.

I realised how absurd conventional economics was during my first year as a university undergraduate. Being asked to believe in the myth of neoclassical economics was a demand too much for me, which was one reason why I chose to go out and take part in the real economy as an accountant and business person rather than stay in academia, as no doubt I could have done.

Now, after waiting that long, I am bored with waiting for that something else to come along, because so far it has not, even if some very effective critiques of existing economics are now available. That’s why I have now written, for the first time, a summary of the ideas that have informed my own thinking. That  thinking has persuaded me to work for major economic reform for most of the last decade.

I stress The Courageous State is only a summary of that thinking: this is an exploration of these ideas and some massive leaps are made during the course of their development in the book. If they appeal to some then more work might be required on them. I am completely relaxed about that: I make no claim, as neoliberal economists do through their modelling, to be omniscient.

I am equally well aware that many people will reject what I write as being completely wrong, absurd and much worse than that. I have become well and truly familiar with such claims over the last five years while producing what has now, according to independent sources,[i] become the Number 1 economics blog in the UK.  Perhaps I needed to withstand the abuse of so many (mainly from the right wing extremes of the economic blogosphere) for so long before taking the risk of putting forward the ideas contained in this book. What I do know is that the time for an alternative has arrived, and I can wait no longer.

I hope you enjoy The Courageous State.