What is The Courageous State?

It’s a  new book, to be published in November 2011 by the UK’s #1 economics and tax blogger, Richard Murphy.

What does it say?

Three things. First that neoliberalism has given us feeble politicians who think anything they do will be worse than the market outcome, so they do nothing.

Second that this is wrong and a whole raft of new economic thinking from Richard shows why. But don’t worry, there’s no maths in sight – there are a lot of diagrams though.

And third, that there is a whole new range of economic policy proposals that Courageous politicians could adopt to get us out of the neoliberal mess we’re in. There are six chapters devoted to that practical stuff.

Why buy it now?

Because everyone says that we’re living with the problem of there being no alternative ideas to counter neoliberalism – and now there are lots of them, all wrapped up in The Courageous State.

How to buy it?

By clicking on the links here.